Language holidays

The Project:

The creation of an experience based language holiday centre located in the heart of the town of Argenton-sur-Creuse, France. We work in partnership with local shopkeepers, artisans, hoteliers and restaurateurs.

The centre offers language holidays and mini-breaks

(in French and English).

How does it work? 

A morning workshop that allows you to prepare (learn vocabulary which is adapted to a specific artisan activities) then either guided tours and/or afternoon activity workshops.

Les Trobadors is a new way to learn through language and cultural immersion. A transformational  language course that promotes the riches of Berry region of France.

A technique that gives students the opportunity to improve their language skills; acquire more fluency by practical application during immersive workshops.

Our philosophy…

Les Trobadors will take you on a journey of discovery of hidden or forgotten skills, they will allow you to connect with cultures allowing you to understand our mission:

During one week of immersion (in English or French). A guide will accompany you: In the morning preparation sessions and in the afternoons for either your workshops (cooking, wine tasting, artisan skills…) or your guided tours (castles, historical sites, cultural sites…).